Investor Hard and Private Money Equity Loan Programs

Specialized Florida Hard and Private money programs have been customized for Florida Real Estate Investors. Usually these are investors who  have been declined by the banks and who own more than 4 properties and the banks will not help them with the loan request for a refinance or purchase loans.  At ROI Holdings Group we leverage our relationships with our hard money partners who are seeking equity driven and collateral based loans from real estate investors in Florida. If you need a 40% to 55% loan to value on your free and clear Florida rentals a refinance and close in 3 to 10 days we may be able to help you.  Our Investors specialize in self employed loan programs for the real estate investor with less than prefect credit.  At ROI Holdings Group resources our network of private investors offer alternative and assets collateral based program tailored to each Florida investors specific financial needs.


Our Process is a quick and painless for you. In 99% of cases we will be able to close within 10 days.

Reasons Florida Investors Need a  Florida Refinance Or Purchase Hard Money Loan . 

  • Expand their current portfolio of rental properties
  • To purchase another building
  • To get cash out of current Florida rentals to buy another Florida rental property
  • The Banks have turned you down.
  • You are  self employed and can’t show all your income.
  • The banks will not accept rental income.
  • Your credit scores or to low.
  • You have had a previous short sales or recent foreclosures.

Florida Banks follow strict lending guidelines and  if you dont have positive cashflow and prefect credit 700 scores the banks might turn your loan application down. Our Investors cater to the less than prefect real estate investors who need a fast, easy, no hassle streamlined Florida hard equity loan program. If you fill out our 2 minute application,  get the free investor hard money programs special report, you can expect an answer or approval by our Private Money Partner withins 24 hours. This make sense underwriting approach our investors take will use other sources of income to get you deal to work like rental income, disability income, annuitiy income, pension income, bank statements the banks will not use these sources. This helps the Florida Investors get more loan approvals as the Program is focused on not a credit based approach  but the  EQUITY in your rental properties. Bad credit loans is our niche and our investors will always work with you for and exit strategy to improve your credit with the goal of getting you on a better loan.

Private Lending